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4.88 / 5 Stars (390 Reviews)
Kate, May 17. 2024
"I would recommend BoatAtSea, we had to make a late change in boats due to an emergency and they did an awesome job of getting us rebooked for the same dates and location"
Jeanne, May 13. 2024
"BoatsAtSea was great- answered our questions in a timely manor and were easy to work with."
Peggy, May 4. 2024
"Loved working with Graham and would highly recommend. Knowledgeable, communication was excellent and always answered questions immediately. Checked in during the trip and after to make sure everything was going well."
Erin, May 3. 2024
"The service of BoatsAtSea was helpful and Sara was very attentive."
On Weihaii in the Bahamas
Lance, May 3. 2024
"Service was great."
On Weihaii in the Bahamas
Peter, May 1. 2024
"Sherry did a wonderful job steering us to boats that met our criteria. She recommended we go with Samsara based on some of our food preferences and her knowledge of the boat. It was the best decision!!"
On Samsara in the USVI
William, Apr 25. 2024
"Good communications and follow up."
On Sip Sip in the BVI
Dana, Apr 24. 2024
"Lauren at Boats-At-Sea was fabulous. She helped steer us to this lovely boat and did great work helping me manage a trip for 10 people. She was timely, efficient and communicated extremely well. She provided all the information our group requested and made the booking process seamless. Thanks Lauren!"
Clay, Apr 24. 2024
"Glad we used BoatsAtSea to book our charter"
Mike, Apr 15. 2024
"The BoatsAtSea service was outstanding and I would definitely recommend to our friends and family!"
Jim, Apr 10. 2024
"Sara is always amazing. This is our third charter through Boats At Sea and we cannot express how satisfied with the service. From the start to the finish Sara was readily available to answer any an all questions. She even sent emails during the charter just to make sure everything was going well. I have recommended BoatsAtSea to everyone who has asked how we chartered our yacht."
On Mystic in the BVI
Gayle, Apr 7. 2024
"Pamela helped with our decision on what boat and crew to pick. She also was very helpful through the whole process and answered all my questions."
Chris, Apr 3. 2024
"Pam was responsive to our inquiries and stepped in as necessary to ensure a smooth process. We would recommend her services to others."
On Manna in the BVI
Patrick, Apr 2. 2024
"Jim is very responsive and helpful in identifying good options and itineraries. I would and have recommended."
On High 5 in the BVI
Kathy, Apr 1. 2024
"The service with BoatsAt Sea was great. Sara was very good to work with. I would definitely work with her again"
Cissy, Mar 26. 2024
"I would recommend Boats At Sea, I even told 5 different couples I met on Virgin Gorda to contact Boats At Sea to charter a boat. We told them this was our 15th charter and Boats At Sea was excellent in handling the entire charter."
On Scuba Doo in the BVI
Laura, Mar 24. 2024
"I would use Boats at Sea again. They were very timely and helpful. I feel like I got honest information. I would recommend them."
On Nomada in the BVI
Andrea, Mar 22. 2024
"Sara and Silvia were great to work with. Very organized and great communication. We will use them again and recommend to our friends."
Cheryl, Mar 5. 2024
"Good communication, verbal and written."
On Blue Horizon in the BVI
Guest, Feb 20. 2024
"Graham was fantastic and helped us navigate all the options successfully."
Rodney, Feb 20. 2024
"I would recommend, very good communicator"
Sheri, Feb 19. 2024
"Excellent service from Sara."
Roseann, Feb 19. 2024
"Pam is always responsive and helpful."
On Kuma Too in the BVI
Howard, Feb 19. 2024
"The recommendation you made was perfect for what we were looking for. Appreciate the help every step of the way."
Barry, Feb 12. 2024
"Have already recommended to others"
On RumAway in the BVI
Lisa, Feb 12. 2024
"I absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea!"
On Ad Astra 5.4 in the BVI
Kathy, Jan 31. 2024
"High quality selection. Good communication."
Michelle, Jan 15. 2024
"Sara was amazing and so helpful. She found options that would best suit our family. She checked in with us multiple times and I felt comfortable knowing I could ask her questions and she would get back to me promptly."
Katherine, Jan 9. 2024
"Sara chose the very best hosts and boat for our family. The captain and his wife felt like family, even the first day of our cruise! I would heartily recommend BoatsAtSea!"
Dawn, Jan 9. 2024
"Jim reached out to me soon after initial inquiry and then was there to answer all of my questions throughout process. We were very pleased with the service and would recommend to others."
Guest, Dec 28. 2023
"Great service"
LJ, Dec 21. 2023
"Service was excellent"
Pamela, Dec 16. 2023
"I would recommend boats at sea to anyone looking to charter a yacht. They are helpful, communicative, and with you every step of the way to ensure you have a great trip experience!"
Jane, Nov 30. 2023
"Appreciated all the information Jim provided. He was very timely with all responses/requests and info was accurate!!"
On Ad Astra 5.4 in the BVI
Gene, Nov 28. 2023
"Service was great"
Larry, Nov 26. 2023
"We would highly recommend BoatsAtSea."
On Bella in the BVI
Kristy, Nov 24. 2023
"Lauren was fantastic. She didn't just throw options at me, she called me, listened to what I wanted, and then gave me options that fit my criteria. I would highly recommend Boats At Sea."
Josh, Nov 21. 2023
"Pam was an absolute dream to work with over the past few years. We originally booked to depart Nov 2020, but with the shutdown, had to wait to rebook and she was there every step of the way so we could enjoy this vacation 3 years later. We would recommend Pam over and over again to everyone. She is so responsive and fantastic! Thank You, Pam!"
On Karma in the BVI
Lauralee, Oct 19. 2023
"Boats at Sea and all my interactions with Pam were great!"
Guest, Oct 17. 2023
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea"
On New Horizons 3 in Greece
Terry, Oct 10. 2023
"Lela was very helpful and a GREAT asset to our pre- trip and during"
On Sinata in Croatia
Alyssa, Oct 9. 2023
"BoatsAtSea - Lela was fantastic. She responded quickly and was very helpful throughout the entire process."
On Sinata in Croatia
Guest, Sep 8. 2023
"Everything was great!"
Jennifer, Aug 15. 2023
"BoatsAtSea were very accommodating and made our trip happen within 36 hours."
On Bella in the Bahamas
Kimberley, Aug 9. 2023
"Working with Boats at Sea was smooth and efficient. We submitted a request for information online and heard back from Sherry M. the same day. Sherry was in regular communication from that point forward, including weekends. She responded to questions quickly and thoroughly."
Rachel, Aug 3. 2023
"The service of Lela at BoatsAtSea was exceptional and have already passed on her contact details ! Would highly recommend to family and friends."
David, Jul 13. 2023
"Great service, communication and organized"
Cindy, Jul 6. 2023
"Lela, you did a fabulous job. You answered all our questions patiently even when we were both emailing. Checking on us mid-trip was a nice touch. Thank you!"
On Caneren in Turkey
Maria, Jul 6. 2023
"I would recommend Boatsatsea. Lela was very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and courteous."
Lohn, Jul 3. 2023
"Jim was the perfect broker. He steered us in the right direction and was very attentive since our first call all the way through the charter."
Jerry, Jun 29. 2023
"Lauren and Lela were absolutely fantastic and we couldn't have asked for anyone better! This is the 2nd time Lauren has helped us, previously in the Caribbean. As this one was in Greece she brought in Lela to help answer questions and she is absolutely fantastic as well!! Both ladies were amazingly responsive and got back to us very quickly with answers to our questions and concerns. They are amazing and I certainly wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone and everyone who wants this type of adventure!!"
Gordon, Jun 27. 2023
"BoatsAtSea (in particular, Sara) did a fantastic job of explaining the process. Kini was awesome as well. Every step was seemless."
On RumAway in the BVI
Debbie, Jun 24. 2023
"Boats at Seas was very helpful and I am recommending them and Pam to a friend."
On Let´s Play Two in the USVI
Mary, Jun 22. 2023
"Service was great, Pam helped from beginning to end to find us the right boat with all the things we wanted, helped with all details to prepare us and checked in afterwards"
On Time Out in the Virgin Islands
Hatley, Jun 21. 2023
"Service was very responsive and gave accurate information. Always available to answer questions."
On Free Ingwe in the BVI
Caline, Jun 11. 2023
"BoatsAtSea was great and I would definitely recommend it."
Eddy, Jun 9. 2023
"Good follow up by Lela."
Thomas, Jun 3. 2023
"Excellent service. Would recommend to friends or use again."
On A3 in the BVI
Guest, May 22. 2023
"I would recommend."
On Ultra in the USVI
Rebekah, May 20. 2023
"Absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea! Pam has booked us with two fabulous charters."
On RumAway in the BVI
Shelby, May 9. 2023
"BoatsAtSea was a wonderful way to get more information about the charters and explore options. Jim ultimately put us on the exact right yacht for us!"
On Starfish in the USVI
Paul, May 8. 2023
"Fantastic. I had my concerns with everything online. But the logistics were great and everything went smooth."
Julie, May 4. 2023
"BoatsAtSea website was easy to navigate, filter, etc, with clear and comprehensive info on all the options. Graham did a fantastic job helping us get everything set up - extremely responsive, detailed, and great service overall."
On Physalia in the USVI
Dave, May 1. 2023
"Graham was top notch. Kept us up to date and was a pleasure to work with. He checked on us throughout the process, even early on during the cruise to make sure all was going well. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a private cruise to contact Graham."
On Destiny III in the Bahamas
Guest, Apr 25. 2023
"BoatsAtSea was great. Jim is knowledgeable and very responsive to requests and preferences. Would recommend."
Karen, Apr 23. 2023
"Great recommendations and support in matching our needs and budget"
On Esperanza II in the BVI
Meri, Apr 19. 2023
"Very friendly, knowledgeable and answered all questions in a timely manner."
On Knot 5280 in the USVI
Jarrod, Apr 18. 2023
"Thank you Pamela for helping me finalize my decision on the boat and captain/crew. There are many, many boats and crews to choose from and her expertise really helped in picking the right one for our family. We have already shared the website with many families asking how we even found out about this type of vacation."
Davis, Apr 17. 2023
"Jim did a fantastic job, particular in the 11th hour when our original boat was pulled from action. He saved our vacation!"
Alejandro, Apr 17. 2023
"Very good service, we have a good time. We recommend to everyone."
On Azuria in the BVI
Dale, Apr 4. 2023
"Pam at Boats at Sea was incredible. She helped us find the perfect boat and crew and make the whole process very easy. We will definitely use her to book our next excursion."
On Moon Blossom in the BVI
Patti, Mar 26. 2023
"I would definitely recommend BoatsAtSea, especially Pam she put my mind at easy and made the entire process a pleasant one."
Darlene, Mar 25. 2023
"Sara was very knowledgeable about the different yachts available and helped us to choose the experience that was perfect for us."
Amy, Mar 25. 2023
"I did like the service of Boats at Sea and have already recommended to co-worker."
On Nemo in the BVI
Jami, Mar 24. 2023
"Very responsive!"
On No Curfew in the Bahamas
Djordje, Mar 21. 2023
"Everything was very professional, smooth, transparent and accommodating."
On Source of Wander in the Virgin Islands
Joshua, Mar 21. 2023
"Overall good service."
On Source of Wander in the Virgin Islands
Neil, Mar 16. 2023
"Boats at Sea was great to work with."
On Easir II in the Virgin Islands
Kate, Mar 15. 2023
"I absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea as everything was clear and concise"
On Starfish in the USVI
Meagan, Mar 5. 2023
"Absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea"
On Starfish in the Virgin Islands
Cheryl, Feb 21. 2023
"I would recommend Boats at Sea. Pam made the planning go smoothly."
Christopher, Feb 20. 2023
"Your service's were professional and courteous. You adapted quickly to our changing circumstances shortly before the charter."
On Starfish in the Virgin Islands
Roseann, Feb 8. 2023
"Have absolutely recommended Boats at Sea as a planning partner for a yacht vacation to others. We were very impressed with the choices we were offered and selected the best boat for us. And we loved it so much, we booked it twice!"
Mark, Feb 6. 2023
"You guys are great. Pamela did a terrific job for us."
On RumAway in the BVI
Alice, Jan 30. 2023
"We would highly recommend BoatsAtSea to friends and family. We had excellent communication from the start. Everyone has been so accommodating!"
Jaime, Jan 23. 2023
"I would recommend BoatsAtsea. We had a little hiccup (well, big hiccup) on this trip. Luckily, BoatsatSea was able to find a replacement boat (even better than boat originally booked)."
On Oceanus in St Martin
Karen, Jan 16. 2023
"I would absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea. Sara was very thorough in communicating every detail to us. Very pleasant to work with."
Amy, Jan 16. 2023
"I absolutely would recommend BAS again."
Pamala, Jan 15. 2023
"Booking was very easy, communications were smooth."
Christina, Jan 11. 2023
"I would absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea."
Vicki, Jan 8. 2023
"Boats at seas website is so user friendly that I will never book through another charter company. All the email information was extremely helpful."
On Moon Blossom in the BVI
Karen, Jan 4. 2023
"Lela is the best!"
Larry, Jan 3. 2023
"We would absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea"
Barry, Dec 19. 2022
"Lauren has been absolutely wonderful to work with during all of our planning, AS WELL as during the execution of the charter. VERY informative and helpful upfront, handled the contracting process with ease, provided us tons of planning info for every passenger, coordinated several special requests with the crew, and always available for additional questions and coordinations. Her advice has been proven to be absolutely 100% accurate. I will rely on her again in the future !! THANK YOU BoatsAtSea !!"
Rebecca, Dec 17. 2022
"I would recommend, Sherry was great to work with."
Josh, Oct 17. 2022
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea, great service."
On Manna in the USVI
Alex, Sep 26. 2022
"Absolutely would recommend Lela at Boats at Sea. Communication was timely and easy."
Danielle, Sep 12. 2022
"Our charter borker Lela is fantastic!"
Chris, Aug 5. 2022
"We had a great experience with Pamela, our charter broker! She was helpful and guided us through the process of selecting a location and boat and she made sure we took care of all the details! She always answered the phone when I called! We would definitely use Pamela again!"
Brandy, Jul 27. 2022
"Sara with BoatsAtSea was fantastic. She always answered emails and phone calls and helped us stay on top of what needed to be completed."
On Esperanza II in the USVI
Connor, Jul 20. 2022
"Our charter broker Lauren was so great and there was no BS."
On Leverage in the Virgin Islands
Stephanie, Jul 15. 2022
"I would highly recommend Boats at Sea. Sara was wonderful! I felt very informed and taken care of throughout the entire process. I can’t say enough great things about her. We definitely want to book again through her in the future!"
On March Dragon in the Bahamas
Richard, Jul 14. 2022
"We would recommend Boats At Sea as our booking agent."
Amy, Jul 11. 2022
"I highly recommend the services BoatsAtSea provide. They made the process of booking this vacation easy. They were very willing to accommodate any of our desires. Having never vacationed on a yacht, we were open to all suggestions. They did not disappoint."
Brian, Jul 11. 2022
"Lela was great throughout the process. She responded timely to emails and provided great recommendations."
On New Horizons in Mykonos, Greece
Scott, Jul 6. 2022
"We would use Boats At Sea again and would recommend them to others. Very professional, helpful and knowledgeable."
On Elysium in the BVI
Guest, Jul 5. 2022
"I would definitely recommend BoatsAtSea!"
Jill, Jun 28. 2022
"BoatsAtSea & our rep Pamela were wonderful to work with. Very professional & helpful."
On Azuria in the BVI
Guest, Jun 27. 2022
"BoatsAtSea support was excellent. Sara was always available and helpful."
Aida, Jun 22. 2022
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea."
On Heavenly in the USVI
Robert, Jun 9. 2022
"I would definitely recommend Boats at Sea to family and friends, as a matter of fact, I already have."
Traci, Jun 4. 2022
"Sara did a great job of guiding me through the charter process and went above and beyond to ensure that our expectations were realistic and that they were met. She was attentive, responsive, and a good communicator."
Rebekah, May 31. 2022
"Super accommodating while helping us pick the right charter and captain."
Mimi, May 30. 2022
"We feel lucky that we found Pam, Charter Specialist. She handled everything from the beginning to end. Her attention to detail & follow-up was beyond our expectations! Pam was very helpful and was always happy to answer questions."
On Freedom in the Grenadines
Guest, May 11. 2022
"I always felt that BoatsAtSea were all working hard for us to accomodate unexpected changes."
On Vivo in the USVI
Reto, May 7. 2022
"Very good Consulting. Safe money transfer."
Mike, May 2. 2022
"We worked with Lauren at BoatsAtSea and through 2+ years of trials and tribulations due to COVID issues, she guided us through it all to a smooth and wonderful conclusion."
On Moon Blossom in the Virgin Islands
David, Apr 28. 2022
"We had fantastic service from BoatsAtSea - they went above and beyond our expectations."
Curt, Apr 26. 2022
"We had a wonderful experience."
Monika, Apr 19. 2022
"We have no complaints, all was organized well, information were provided clearly and in time."
On Cloud Dancer in Phuket, Thailand
Steve, Apr 14. 2022
"Sara was amazing as we worked through yacht selection, crew evaluation, answering our many questions, and helping us navigate confusing covid protocols."
Daniel, Apr 12. 2022
"BoatsAtSea did a great job in the planning process, and in responding to our needs as guests aboard Jan's FeLion."
On Jan´s FeLion in the BVI
James, Apr 11. 2022
"I would and have recommended BoatsAtSea to several people I know."
On Time Out in the Virgin Islands
Rocco, Apr 5. 2022
"I felt safer wiring funds to BoatsAtSea."
Elise, Apr 2. 2022
"BoatsAtSea is great to work with!"
On Source of Wander in the USVI
Allison, Mar 26. 2022
"I would highly recommend Boats At Sea! Sara and her team were so professional and answered all my questions. Sara went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience! I will be booking our next sailing / yacht trip with Boats At Sea!"
On Interlude in the Bahamas
Guest, Mar 22. 2022
"Services were so helpful and made booking super easy."
On Big Nauti in the USVI
Dan, Mar 18. 2022
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea's services. Sara has done a great job two years in a row now."
Bob, Mar 11. 2022
"The process was simple and easy to follow."
On Pelican in the Virgin Islands
Thomas, Mar 4. 2022
"Sara has been amazing. Walked us through everything and was always in communication."
Joseph, Mar 1. 2022
"Sara, you were fantastic to work with. Thank you so much for organizing this boat and this crew. They were wonderful."
John, Feb 25. 2022
"Lauren was amazing to work with and we would certainly work with Boats at Sea again."
Jeff, Feb 9. 2022
"Candice was a tremendous asset during the entire process with her always upbeat personality and knowledge and expertise offering options until we decided on our charter! Candice is a true asset to Boats at Sea!"
Joseph, Feb 4. 2022
"This was as seamless a vacation experience as we've ever had. From arrival until departure 10 days later, everything was perfectly choreographed, but never rigid. It was a perfect experience."
Candy, Jan 29. 2022
"Excellent communication"
Roseann, Jan 26. 2022
"We would absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea to friends and family."
Annette, Jan 14. 2022
"Boats at Sea was very good at setting us up with the right crew. They set up our transportation and followed through with sending us updates and packing suggestions. It was all very helpful."
On Let´s Play Two in the Virgin Islands
Guest, Jan 9. 2022
"I have told everyone that they should definitely book a charter with Boats At Sea if they have the means to do so."
On Let´s Play Two in the USVI
Cindy, Jan 6. 2022
"Pam was very helpful and knowledgeable."
Brigid, Dec 31. 2021
"Lauren was extremely helpful and offered great options for us to consider before booking. She helped me navigate the covid situation which seemed to change drastically the week prior to our trip."
Jamie, Dec 28. 2021
"I would 100% recommend BoatsAtSea. Already have."
On Good Vibrations L62 in the USVI
Myra, Nov 30. 2021
"Boats at Sea made it as simple as possible for someone that knew nothing about being on a boat. The whole process was such a learning experience for me and my family."
Judith, Nov 13. 2021
"Everything was great, even with all the Covid restrictions and change from St Thomas pick up."
Bradley, Aug 13. 2021
"I would recomend BoatsAtSea, all was good."
On Cataleya in Croatia
Guest, Jul 30. 2021
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea! It was very helpful not to do everything on our own."
Bruce, Jul 20. 2021
"Great help fantastic recommendations good followup"
On Frenk in the Virgin Islands
Chelsey, Jul 19. 2021
"Lauren is really good and I felt like I could call her with any questions or problems. She helped us the entire way through the process."
On Dreamcatcher in the USVI
Michelle, Jul 18. 2021
"Booking was easy and Sara was fantastic."
On March Dragon in the Bahamas
Robert, Jul 17. 2021
"March Dragon & BoatsAtSea will definitely be recommended by us to friends/family"
On March Dragon in the Bahamas
Paul, Jul 7. 2021
"Pamela went the extra step to make sure our contract was unaffected due to COVID. She helped us through rescheduling to make sure we didn't miss a thing. She's the best!!"
On Nauti Cat in the Virgin Islands
Jil, Jul 2. 2021
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea. Sara helped us navigate the uncertainties of COVID related travel restrictions very well."
Jennifer, Jun 28. 2021
"I would recommend Sara...she was so incredibly helpful and on top of everything!!!"
Jason, Jun 21. 2021
"Pam made the booking process smooth and easy. She was quick to answer any questions along the way."
On Azulia II in the Virgin Islands
Jan, May 25. 2021
"Lauren was a pleasure to work with. COVID caused us to have numerous changes to our itinerary and Lauren helped us navigate them all. This also included the need to change boats as our original boat ended up being sold. Lauren was always pleasant, helpful, and working to help us navigate the numerous obstacles which allowed us the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful trip."
Robert, May 16. 2021
"B.A.S. was very accommodating. Sara helped us through COVID, a Captain crisis, a family crisis to getting to finally make the cruise. We would definitely recommend."
On Island R&R in the Virgin Islands
Jay, May 4. 2021
"I have recommended Boats at Sea to families in town. You guys make it very easy to coordinate and schedule a vacation."
Guest, May 1. 2021
"Loved the level of communication, the personal attention, and that we were assigned one agent that saw us thru everything."
On Alize in the BVI
Cheryl, Apr 22. 2021
"I would highly recommend BoatsAtSea and especially Pam - she was/is very efficient and walked us through step by step. She is very prompt in her responses and I truly feel she is a friend!"
Dan, Apr 15. 2021
"Sara did an incredible job picking a perfect boat and crew for us. She communicated with us on a regular basis and made the entire process work as easy as could be. I certainly appreciate all the effort behind the scenes for Sara and her staff."
On Nutmeg in the Virgin Islands
Marcus, Apr 15. 2021
"Pam was great from start to finish. Usually I plan our vacations (which are often complex, international itineraries), but so much of booking a yacht charter is unique and insider info is key, so I found it essential to use a broker. Could not have been happier with Pam and BoatsAtSea!"
Marc, Apr 13. 2021
"BoatsAtSea did a fantastic job in all aspects of the planning of the trip. No errors. Communication fine."
On Champs Elysees in the Virgin Islands
Reg, Apr 7. 2021
"Sara, you were absolutely wonderful to work with. You kept me informed and on track with all we needed. Thanks again for a great experience!"
On Island R&R in the Virgin Islands
Mark, Mar 31. 2021
"We would definitely recommend Boats At Sea to friends and family and actually already have."
On Ventana in the Virgin Islands
Dana, Mar 29. 2021
"Lauren was extremely prompt in returning my emails and questions. She made the process go smooth!"
On A3 in the Virgin Islands
Richard, Mar 24. 2021
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea, you all are extremely timely with your responses and answered all questions."
On Island R&R in the Virgin Islands
Peter, Mar 23. 2021
"We would recommend. Despite Covid messing up our plans and having to reschedule(twice) our vacation went off without a hitch."
On Entheos in the Virgin Islands
Robert, Mar 23. 2021
"We would recommend BoatsAtSea, Pam was great at helping us navigate our first ever charter."
On Elixir in the Virgin Islands
Leah, Mar 23. 2021
"Sara was a pleasure to work with! Since our original trip date was in the middle of covid, she worked hard at making our trip happen on the timeline we needed. She stayed in contact with us through the whole experience. As a matter of fact, she's helping us with a trip for next year."
On 3 Sisters in the Virgin Islands
Virginia, Mar 22. 2021
"Pam was awesome! She was extremely available for questions and never made us feel rushed. She took time to find out extra information to help us feel confident about our yacht choice."
Kristin, Mar 19. 2021
"I completely recommend BoatsAtSea. Pamela was an amazing correspondent and replied to any questions immediately. Great line of communication."
On Ventana in the Virgin Islands
Julie, Mar 14. 2021
"Would recommend BoatsAtSEa and already have recommended Boatsatsea to friends."
On Elixir in the Virgin Islands
Guest, Mar 10. 2021
"Lauren was great, always quick to respond or call to answer questions."
On La Grande Bellezza in the USVI
John, Mar 6. 2021
"Would recommend BoatsAtSea"
On Altitude Adjustment in the USVI
April, Mar 1. 2021
"Would recommend BoatsAtSea! Pamela did a FANTASTIC job matching us/our needs to a captain & boat that suited us perfectly."
On Iremia in the Virgin Islands
Charles, Mar 1. 2021
"Sara's guidance has been invaluable and ultimately, given COVID, saved our trip from being cancelled had we booked the other boat considered. Very responsive. Great experience."
Jim, Feb 23. 2021
"Would recommend BoatsAtSea, it was fabulous and everyone went beyond the call of duty to help and coordinate."
On Ventana in the Virgin Islands
Mike, Feb 21. 2021
"Very helpful, attentive and responsive."
On March Dragon in the Bahamas
Susan, Jan 26. 2021
"BoatsAtSea was helpful in planning our charter and we were very happy with the charter."
On Elixir in the Virgin Islands
Jeff, Jan 18. 2021
"Would recommend BoatsAtsea. We had to reschedule due to the COVID pandemic, and this was handled well."
Bruce, Jan 18. 2021
"I would recommend BoatsAtsea. Made things easy for us, stayed on top of all things. All good."
Sharon, Jan 18. 2021
"I would most definitely recommend BoatsAtSea to friends and family. We had to make several changes to our original booking due to circumstances beyond our control and our agent, Pam, was most helpful during the process!"
On Dreamcatcher in the Virgin Islands
Lisa, Jan 11. 2021
"Definitely would recommend BoatsAtsea! Lauren was helpful in helping us find just the right yacht for our family and customizing such a unique experience!"
Phil, Dec 20. 2020
"Sara Hadju has been great to work with!"
On Pisces in the Virgin Islands
Larry, Aug 17. 2020
"Pamela's recommendation of this boat and that crew paid off bigtime with that awesome fly bridge area!! Have already recommended Pam to several friends."
On La Grande Bellezza in the BVI
James, Jul 20. 2020
"Sara was incredible with her advice and recommendations. Very knowledgeable about the boat as well as the charter area. Being able to provide us with an alternative to the closed BVI's was a perfect idea."
On Mariann in the USVI
Tamara, Jun 14. 2020
"After all we endured during the pandemic, I would highly recommend BoatsAtSea, and specifically Lauren as your boat broker. I would not have made it through such a tumultuous time without her guidance, warm disposition, and excellent service."
Ben, Apr 3. 2020
"The entire process from booking to boarding was easy and stress free."
On Au Soleil in the Virgin Islands
Molly, Mar 30. 2020
"Sara was amazing to work with the entire time. She was very responsive the entire process. She helped us choose the right boat/crew for us and I never felt pressured into anything along the way. She made it easy to communicate with all the payments and paperwork that needed to get done. Our trip was amazing!"
On Au Soleil in the Virgin Islands
Steve, Mar 26. 2020
"Lela was fantastic. She was very professional, patient and always very interested in assisting us. It was a particularly challenging as we were dealing with travel during the coronavirus, but she performed beyond the call of duty. I cant express enough my appreciation."
Heryl, Mar 25. 2020
"Would recommend BoatsAtSea, Pamela was very helpful. Everything was perfect."
David, Mar 10. 2020
"Pam did an excellent job. Very quick to respond and helpful."
On Elixir in the Virgin Islands
Guest, Mar 3. 2020
"Absolutely would recommend BoatsAtSea! We had a fantastic experience with Lela and Sara!"
Lorraine, Feb 16. 2020
"Sara, our BoatsAtSea contact, was very responsive from our first contact to the last day on the charter - checking up to see that we had a great time. She made great suggestions for our itinerary and facilitated not only booking the charter but also insurance."
Pat, Feb 13. 2020
"We had a great trip. What more could you do!"
Kathy, Feb 12. 2020
"Easy to work with and very, very responsive."
Megan, Jan 20. 2020
"Absolutely would recommend BoatsAtSea!"
On Winter´s Coming in the VI
Jodi, Jan 13. 2020
"Sara was very responsive and helpful throughout the process."
On Catatonic 500 in the Virgin Islands
Alberto, Jan 6. 2020
"Sara was critical to make it happen, from determining our best option to responding the many questions, to handhold me through the whole process!"
On Nadiya in the Virgin Islands
Irl, Dec 10. 2019
"I absolutely recommend Lauren to anyone that I come across who is looking to charter a cat in the VI's."
On Jet Stream in the Virgin Islands
Dustin, Dec 10. 2019
"Would recommend BoatsAtSea, service and response time is great"
On The Big Dog in the BVI
Jennifer, Dec 1. 2019
"Lauren was absolutely wonderful to work with. After we described what we were looking for us, she found the perfect boat and crew to serve our needs. She responded to emails in a very timely manner and was always very helpful."
On Extasea 2 in the Virgin Islands
Jennifer, Nov 4. 2019
"I already have recommended BoatsAtSea to friends!"
Rod, Oct 15. 2019
"Would most definitely recommend Boats At Sea, most importantly would highly recommend Lauren. She was very helpful from my first inquiry to delivering us back to the airport at the end of our trip. Her professionalism was second to none."
On Salty Girl in the Virgin Islands
Scott, Aug 15. 2019
"Lela was a Rockstar! I begged her to be my full time travel agent but she just does Yachts. She was very attentive, quick and thorough. She followed up with us EVERY step of the way."
On Xenia74 in the Windward Islands
Margie, Jun 26. 2019
"We worked with Lauren and she advised us every step of the way. We put our trust in her and she delivered 100%. She answered every question we threw her way. She even made us feel special with her boys upon our arrival. They made a sign to welcome us. Thank you so much."
William, Jun 25. 2019
"The level of service was outstanding. I have no recommendations for any changes."
Keric, Jun 21. 2019
"Boats At Sea was great. Sara was incredibly helpful."
On Altitude Adjustment in the VI
Richard, Jun 14. 2019
"We couldn’t have asked for better service."
On Extasea 2 in the Virgin Islands
Renee, Jun 9. 2019
"I would absolutely (and will) recommend BoatsAtSea again. Sara is quite simply amazing. We would not have been able to do this trip without her. What an amazing job she did for us!!"
Cammi, Jun 8. 2019
"Would def recommend to friends. Lela was very responsive to all my questions. Great customer service."
On Frenk in the Virgin Islands
Margarita, May 29. 2019
"I am very impressed with the service. The specialist that we worked with, Sara, is excellent. She planned everything for us from booking to boarding and helped us with transportation to and from the boat. She is a true professional."
On Extasea 2 in the Virgin Islands
Tricia, Apr 8. 2019
"I would recommend BoatsAtSea. Already have from those that have asked about our trip."
On Lady Dee in Puerto Rico
Tom, Apr 8. 2019
"The pre planning was very detailed and appreciated. Everything we suggested they had onboard."
On Winter´s Coming in the VI
Darren, Apr 3. 2019
"Service, interaction and follow up with Lela was perfect."
On Black Tortuga in the Virgin Islands
James, Apr 1. 2019
"Cant imagine our experience could have gone any better. Lauren was terrific."
On MY Cherie Amour in the VI
Dan, Mar 26. 2019
"Definitely was very pleased with Lela and would definitely use her again."
On Mango in the Virgin Islands
Cissy, Mar 24. 2019
"We would absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea services to friends and family."
On Nemo in the BVI
Sarah, Mar 17. 2019
"Would absolutely recommend, they were so easy to work with and Sara was great in communicating with us! All of our questions before the trip were answered in a very timely manner!"
On Frenk in the Virgin Islands
Kathie, Feb 27. 2019
"Would recommand and have recommended BoatsatSea already to friends. The crew also mentioned that BoatsatSea was one of their favorite booking agents."
On Entheos in the Virgin Islands
Susan, Feb 17. 2019
"Absolutely recommend BoatsAtSea. We had a couple of issues that our representative handled perfectly. We felt very taken care of."
On Black Tortuga in the Virgin Islands
Crissy, Feb 11. 2019
"Lela was very thorough, prompt and her help was greatly appreciated especially given we had never booked a charter before."
On Frenk in the Virgin Islands
Deana, Jan 15. 2019
"Lela did an excellent job in helping us find a yacht that was a great fit for our family."
On Southern Passage in the Bahamas
Penny, Dec 10. 2018
"Definitely would recommend BoatsAtSea. Lela was a great broker and always kept us informed."
On Tabula Rasa in the Virgin Islands
Carrie, Nov 26. 2018
"Sara was awesome to work with and very thorough. She was very informative and really helped so much when it came to booking something we knew nothing about. She is so pleasant and kind!"
Rob, Jul 2. 2018
"Lela was amazing and helped us every step along the way for our first charter vacation... Many more to come with BoatsAtSea."
On Pearl in the Virgin Islands
Foster, Jun 13. 2018
"All was perfect"
On Yes Dear in the Virgin Islands
Rick, Mar 31. 2018
"We found all services from Lela and BoatsAtSea exceptional... communication was timely and very informative and proactive especially since dealing with hurricane situations... have already recommended them."
On Flip Flop in the Virgin Islands

Ready to start your own yachting vacation? Let us know what you are looking for and our friendly charter experts will help you make your dream yachting vacation come true.