Cruising Area of Black Tortuga

Pref. Pick-upSt. Thomas, USVI
Other Pick-upRed Hook or BVI
Summer PortVirgin Islands
Summer OperationsCaribbean Virgin Islands
Winter PortVirgin Islands
Winter OperationsCaribbean Virgin Islands

Black Tortuga Description

This beautiful, award-winning luxury yacht comes equipped with 4 bedrooms and 4 full baths. 3 Queen cabins and one bedroom contains 2 single bunks.

Check out this description from SAIL magazine, where it just won Best Boat of 2018:
The Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 catamaran is a space machine in the truest sense of the word. Like all sailboats, it can carry you through the water and across space and time using nothing but the power of the wind - thereby making it supremely quiet and smooth. Unlike most other sailboats, though, it manages to do this while providing a vast amount of living space as well - not to mention the fact it does so in a package that remains supremely pleasing to the eye.

Approaching the Saona 47 from a distance, this emphasis on space is immediately apparent in the top deck, which measures nearly 100ft and is well equipped with sun lounges, not to mention a great view. Down a few steps is a large helm station with seating for two, and then down a few steps more you´ll find an immense afterdeck that flows into a wide cabin, a space that can entertain a dozen without any sense of crowding. Down again and you enter the boat´s private cabins, which are wider than those of many monohulls.

In typical Fountaine Pajot fashion, everything is bright, open and contemporary, with neutral colors and clean-lined joinery that gives the boat the air of a fine urban apartment. The hulls are also fine below the waterline, but then flare rapidly to chines, which minimizes wetted surface for performance while maximizing interior space. Similarly, the long waterline translates into good average speed, while a high sail-area-to-displacement ratio means there´s plenty of power to drive the boat through the water. In other words, like the other models from this builder, the Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 is not only comfortable, but knows how to make tracks.


Length47 Feet
Beam25.4 Feet
Draft4.4 Feet
A/C NightYes
Bimini TopYes
Sailing InstructionsYes
Nude ChartersInq
Num HatchYes
Guest SmokeYes, only on sugar scoops
Children AllowedYes
Min Child AgeWater safe
Voltages110 V
Water MakerYes
Internet AccessOnboard WIFI
Fuel Consumptionn/a US Gall/Hr
Turnaround48 hrs preferred


Wash Basins4
Accommodation Details
4 queen cabins with ensuite bathrooms.
Entire boat is fully air-conditioned.

NOTE: for a six pack charter which takes only three cabins or less or people in the bunks, CREW take the port aft cabin. Forward starboard space is permanently stowage of toys like scuba equipment, tanks, compressor, hookah, snorkels, etc.


Salon Tv/DvdYes
Salon StereoYes
iPod/Device HookupsYes
Board GamesYes
Other Entertainment
Take home memories of the charter. Captain Brian, is an award winning photographer ready to capture all of the moments to remember forever. He is especially proficient at imaging underwater. Also being a videographer, those fast moving moments won´t be lost. All images taken during your charter can be made available to guests digitally with no copyright so they can do whatever they want with them, print the images huge for their living room or just post on social media. Whatever they decide to do with the imagery, they will never forget the Virgin Islands.”

Topside Digital Package (All images, photo or video, created during the charter above water): $750
Undersea Digital Package (All images, photo or video, created during the charter below water): $950
Complete Digital Package (everything): $1250
Individual Digital Topside Images: $75
Individual Digital Undersea Images: $95

Please arrange this beforehand if interested in any of these packages. Final decision can wait until the guests see what the package looks like.


Special DietsYes

Water Sports

Dinghy (Feet)12.6´ Center Console
Dinghy Hp30hp
Dinghy Pax10
Snorkel GearYes
Floating MatsYes
Standup Paddle3
Swim PlatformsYes
Boarding LadderYes
Beach GamesYes
Gear TypeTrolling
Fishing Rods2
Other Toys
Snorkel Gear
Floating Mat
3 SUP´s
Hookah Dive Equipment
Fishing Rods
Beach Games
Board Games
Surfboard to be towed behind the dinghy

Captain has an underwater camera and video.

Scuba Diving Scuba Diving Symbol

Resort Course$125
Air CompressorOnboard
Diving Info
Diving is offered onboard.
Hooka diving: no charge
Guests to rent their own equipment. Crew will help facilitate the rental and will make sure it is onboard in time for the charter.
Elena is a dive instructor

Coki Dive Center:
Contact: Peter
Cell #: (340) 998-4196
Dive Costs
Diving Costs:
$50 per person per dive
$75 per person per night dive
Up to 2 dives per day
Open Water Certification, client must have completed course work prior to charter. Confined water dives - $150 per person. Open water dives - $299 per person
Discover Scuba - $125 per person, minimum age 10
Refresher course -$125
Open Water Advanced Dive Course- $300
Hooka diving: no charge

Black Tortuga Crew Profile

Crew Number2
Crew SmokeNo
CaptainBrian Christiansen - Professional Videographer
SpeaksEnglish, French, Russian and German
LicenseRYA Yacht Master
CrewElena Gandillon
LicenseSTCW, Dive Instructor

Captain - Brian Christiansen
Chef - Elena Gandillon

Share in the unique experiences of the Virgin Islands that Elena and Brian craft for you sailing aboard the spacious, wind-powered vessel, Black Tortuga.

With close to a decade of experience taking people “into the wild”, Brian shares his sense of adventure with guests. Raised in Utah and frequently found at sea, Brian is confronted with questions as to how he became an ocean-going captain. Most people forget there is a small ocean, the Great Salt Lake, in his desert home. His father taught him a love for all activities in and around water. Reading sea-faring novels from the golden-age of discovery inspired him to lust for the horizon and he eventually made his way aboard expedition ships plying all the planet´s waters. Alongside working for National Geographic Expeditions, he operated specialty charters through the Lesser Antilles on his own sailing vessel. As a USCG 100ton rated captain, his attention to detail and professionalism are integral to safe operation of the vessel. As a fellow human with passions in outdoor pursuits, he is a perfect companion for fun activities if you want to try your hand at at anything from surfing and kiteboarding to freediving and kayaking. Holding a degree in film-making, working as a videographer and being a reward winning photographer; he can create, upon prior request, a media package of the events that make your trip remarkable.

Elena´s spirit awakens in the open. After traveling to over thirty countries, her instinct draws her to beautiful and isolated places. Her love for nature led her from jagged mountain peaks of Switzerland into the deep blue of the Indo-Pacific. She became a PADI certified scuba instructor in Komodo so she can share her love of undersea life with others. Join her for some scuba diving or become certified while onboard and see what the hype is all about! Growing up in an international household, her culinary influences are mainly French and Swiss with added spice from her travels, specializing in creating heart-warming dishes from the simplest of ingredients. She aspires to cater her dishes toward individual diets and has perfected eco-friendly, plant-based menu selections. Placing great importance on the dining experience, speaking three languages, and versed in the art of conversation makes spending time with her a joy, no matter where you are from.

Elena and Brian met in Raja Ampat diving and sailing and are fully committed to spending every moment in each other´s company with their first love, the water. Blending luxurious yacht life and connecting with nature in easy grace, they ignite voyagers´ passion for Caribbean beauty. Sailing in consistent winds on the azure waters of the Virgin Islands while visiting white sandy beaches with quaint hideaways is a perfect way to charter.
Come join them aboard Black Tortuga for the wind-powered charter of a lifetime. You will go home with more than memories - you will have inspiring stories of rewarding experiences.

With Elena and Brian, you are guaranteed an unforgettable week. As a team, they are perfectly matched to make your tropical getaway magical.


“Take home memories of your charter. Your captain, Brian, is an award winning photographer ready to capture all of the moments you want to remember forever. He is especially proficient at imaging underwater. Also being a videographer, those fast moving moments won´t be lost. All images taken during your voyage can be made available to you digitally with no copyright so you can do whatever you want with them, print the images huge for your living room or just post on social media. Whatever you decide to do with your imagery, you will never forget the Virgin Islands.”

Topside Digital Package (All images, photo or video, created during the charter above water): $750
Undersea Digital Package (All images, photo or video, created during the charter below water): $950
Complete Digital Package (everything): $1250
Individual Digital Topside Images: $75
Individual Digital Undersea Images: $95

“Please arrange beforehand if you are interested in any of these packages. Your final decision can wait until you see what your package looks like.”


Black Tortuga Calendar

AvailableBookedHold (can be challenged)Unavailable
Jun 2021123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930
Jul 202112345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Aug 202112345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Sep 2021123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930
Oct 202112345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Nov 2021123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930
Dec 202112345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Jan 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Feb 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728
Mar 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Apr 2022123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930
May 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Jun 2022123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930
Jul 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Aug 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Sep 2022123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930
Oct 202212345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031
Nov 2022123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

Black Tortuga Reservations & Port Locations

Start DateEnd DateDetails (Holds can be challenged)
Jun 12, 2021Jun 19, 2021Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jun 22, 2021Jun 29, 2021Unavailable: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jul 01, 2021Jul 11, 2021Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jul 13, 2021Jul 20, 2021Booked: St Thomas, USVI* to St Thomas, USVI*
Jul 24, 2021Jul 31, 2021Booked: Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI* to Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI*
Aug 01, 2021Oct 31, 2021Unavailable: St Thomas, USVI* to St Thomas, USVI*
Nov 04, 2021Nov 10, 2021Boat Show: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Nov 11, 2021Nov 15, 2021Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Nov 20, 2021Nov 26, 2021Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Nov 28, 2021Dec 04, 2021Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Dec 08, 2021Dec 17, 2021Unavailable: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Dec 19, 2021Dec 26, 2021Booked: Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI* to Yacht Haven Grand
Dec 27, 2021Jan 03, 2022Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jan 20, 2022Jan 27, 2022Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jan 29, 2022Feb 05, 2022Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Feb 15, 2022Feb 22, 2022Unavailable: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Mar 02, 2022Mar 10, 2022Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
May 21, 2022May 27, 2022Hold: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jun 05, 2022Jun 11, 2022Booked: Saint Thomas, USVI* to Saint Thomas, USVI*

Black Tortuga Rates / week

The prices shown are for the entire yacht for a week-long (7 nights) charter. Inquire for lowest rate.
Low price: $18,200
(normal rate)
High price: $21,500
(normal rate)

Black Tortuga Special Offer!
Discount: $1,000!
Offer: Black Tortuga is offering a $1,000 discount on any charter taking place between Nov. 11 and Dec. 15, 2021. Can not be combined with any other special offer and does not apply to existing bookings.
Old price: $18,200 - $21,500 / week
New price: $17,200 - $20,500 / week
Minimum nights: 6
Travel between: Nov/11/2021 - Dec/15/2021

Season2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 Pax7 Pax8 Pax
2021 Summer$18,500$19,000$19,500$20,000$20,500$21,000$21,500
2021/22 Winter$18,500$19,000$19,500$20,000$20,500$21,000$21,500
2022 Summer$18,500$19,000$19,500$20,000$20,500$21,000$21,500

Yacht terms: All Inclusive*
*Cruising Permits, Fees, and Taxes to be paid by the Charterer upon entry to Cruising Grounds or Ports for all locations. Please inquire about rates and customary fees.

An all-inclusive charter covers all provisioning and running expenses. This includes a captain and crew that is fully trained and committed to your safety and enjoyment of your trip. A chef will provide the kind of exceptional, personalized meal preparation that you would expect of a five-star restaurant. The listed rate may not include all local taxes, cruising permits, premium beverages and scuba activities. Inquire for more information.

Send us an inquiry to get specific pricing for Black Tortuga.

Black Tortuga Guest Reviews

May 2021 - broker provided survey

Name: Sal
Yacht: BLACK TORTUGA with Brian Christiansen and Elena Gandillon
Charter Dates: 04/24/2021 to 05/02/2021
Area Cruised: St. Thomas - USVI
Overall Rating: 5/5

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Both Brian and Elena were accommodating and attentive to all of our needs. They are two people extremely committed to the satisfaction of their guests.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Black Tortuga was a very comfortable yacht for 4 people and well taken care of.

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
There was great air flow in the cabins and air conditioning was an option each night but the hatch and starboard side window were enough to keep us comfortable each night

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Elena was not only a talented chef but well prepared for one of our companions gluten free needs. The food was delicious and presented in a fashion similar to most upscale restaurants.

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
We found St. Thomas and St. Johns with plenty of opportunities to enjoy. No need to get to the BVI in our opinion

6. Additional comments on your charter?
We can´t say enough about Brian and Elena. They made us feel like friends and not paying guests in all aspects of our time on Black Tortuga. It wasn´t the boat that made the trip it was Brian and Elena who made the difference. If we sail again we want to go on the boat that Brian is the captain with Elena by his side!

April 2021

We had a GREAT trip! Capt Brian and Elena were both very gracious and accommodating hosts on the BT. The perfect mix of excellent service and attention with fun, adventure and excitement! The boat was a perfect size for the four (six with the crew) of us. The boat was very clean and well maintained by Brian and can tell they are very particular! In a good way....I´d let them crew my boat any day! Brian set us out on a great itinerary with very little repeat from our trip in February. We wanted to spend a lot of time in the water and we accomplished that. We snorkeled and the girls did some scuba diving in a number of different beautiful locations. The meals on the boat were all delicious and very well presented. Knowing we had some non-seafood eaters on the boat, Elena took the time and effort to prepare seafood for me and Donna, and an alternative meal for the girls...filet no less! The girls took ´meal pics´ every day that I´d be happy to share with you.

Thanks so much!

We love you guys

We can not say enough about how amazing this trip was - huge in part due to the two of you. The nights were amazing...the water, the boats, the food, the card games. You made this experience one of the best ever! You both were fantastic and we were so thankful to be able to share this experience with you both. Thank you for everything!
Best of luck in LA and all your future adventures - we love you guys!
Love Andrew, Dawn, Abbie, Courtney and Gary

All the Best

Wow! What an amazing trip! There are so many things to capture in this book but I will do my best to be sufficient. The care you took to attend to our needs was incredible. You quickly learned bout our family and created to most memorable vacation. From taking the kids out on the surf board to the subwing adventures and the trails were all highlights. Its super hard to pick the favorite but the hook scuba was certainly a family highlight! We also really enjoyed New Years Even with RC! All so incredible! Remember Brian, when the party gets a bit dull, crank up Fat Bottom Girls and you´ll soon find yourself in the middle of a rager! Seriously, though we enjoyed ourselves immensely and we´ll think of you both often. Lastly, I cannot close without mentioning some of the incredible food you cooked Elena! Of course the desserts were my favorite! All the best - the Reber´s

Best Of Luck

Of all the chartered trips we experienced, none have come even close to the experience you showed us on the Black Tortuga.
Your sweet servant hears poured into us every day of our trip from the excellent meals to the fun activities and outstanding surprises!
We only hope that we can book another trip with y´all - Best of luck & blessings!
Ablie S. / Courtney R.

Perfect Trip

This was literally the perfect trip. You guys are amazing. It was the perfect blend of entertainment and relaxation. You gave us the gift of great memories so thank you for all of the extra effort to make this such a great trip. Brian, thanks for taking me diving at night. Wow! Elena, the food was sensational - sorry you ended up bring a poo head! LOL! - Jay

Best Travel

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip! Between the amazing food (top; Seared tuna, apple pie, and cinnamon rolls), countless water activities, and multiple private concerts, you two provided a dream vacation. Skurfing in Water Bay with the massive cargo ships in the backdrop will be a memory I will never forget, amongst many others. I hope to be back for another adventure soon. You two make the perfect crew, true dream enablers. Best travels, Mark

Love Always

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. It has been an adventure of a lifetime and we are so grateful to share it all with you both.

It takes a crew to sail a boat, Brian and Elena make it a home. Thank you so much for another life changing experience! Jason & Jessica

Brian & Elena...words cant describe how thankful we are for making this such an amazing trip of a lifetime! You both were wonderful! I wish you both the best in 2021 & Cant wait to see you again! Love always Chris & Amanda


Where shall I begin? I´m thinking I should start with ´what happens on a boat stays on a boat!´ I can´t believe how many fun moments and adventures we had. Best snorkeling ever Island chillin, turtle sightings, game nights, hike, best food ever, underwater pics, learning free diving, beach tennis and much more! Thanks for the best girls trip ever! We love yall and cant wait for another adventure with Brian & Elena!
Kristin, Mag, and Lindsey

NYE mess

Thank you so much for an amazing trip! you both adapted to exactly what we wanted to do immediately! Some of the highlights were the beach bonfire, cliff jumping, snoobing?, the amazing food and cocktails, surfing, etc. So basically the entire trip was amazing. I think the tuna meal was my favorite and i´m always a fan of any and all desserts. Hopefully I will be back to see you both at some point, and if you ever find yourselves in MN you´ll have to let us know. If its in the summer maybe we can do some wakesurfing. - Sam

PS Elena thank you for being a saint and putting up with my NYE mess


Thank you for everything you did to make our trip so memorable! I really enjoyed the snooba adventures and trying all of your desserts, I am going to try a couple of the recipes you sent! I appreciate your patience with our family and all of our injuries (the wasps!!) I hope to visit again some day!

Thanksgiving 2020

Brian & Elena,
Thank you both for the most perfect vacation EVER! We seriously loved every second. We were so bummed when the trip got cancelled back in April due to covid, but this was so worth the wait! Elena, your cooking is incredible and it will be missed - your unbelievable birthday cake, pizza rolls, homemade bread, pasta carbonara, and all the rest.. Brian, we loved your ukulele playing, snorkel tours, ´scurfing´ skills, and everything you did! We are also so happy we got to learn ´poo head´ - so many laughs!

Black Tortuga, you guys + this beautiful place will be so missed and remembered forever! Hopefully we´ll be back! And if you ever need a sailing assistant, I´m sure John would step right up! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

We love you guys!


Our time on Black Tortuga was AMAZING! Cruising around St. John and out to Flanagan Island was so beautiful. I will never forget the dives, snorkel, noodle floats, meals, fruity drinks, and sunsets. EPIC!!! Night dive watching the octopus feed was a bucket list moment. Every second was pure bliss.

An Amazing Team

You are an amazing team. Thanks for all the fun laughter and creating the environment for our family to bond and spend quality time together.

Thank you for your passion for the sea and these beautiful islands. I appreciate the extra care and effort in making what were already amazing meals, edible for me with all of my allergies. First trip ever that food was a highlight of the vacation and I felt included when it was time to eat. Casper and I enjoyed our trip immensely. Thank you!

You guys are soooo AMAZING! this trip will forever be so memorable because you made it so great and so fun for me and my family! Brian you are so much fun and so cool teaching us new things and about the history of the islands was one of my favorites. We really enjoyed you hanging out with us and keeping us busy and filling up our days with fun. Elena, your cooking was incredible and so beautiful. I always looked forward to our meals and snacks :). I loved your passion for everything and the ocean and life itself! I love learning new things from you and everything you say sounds so amazing about places and things you have done! You both are incredible and I´m so thankful for this trip and getting to meet you. Dont´ change anything. I loved it all.

Trip of a Lifetime!

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! I love your passion and knowledge of the sea. Having you two as company was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for being so patient and kind.

Amazing Trip!

I was amazing! The only complaint is it went way to fast! Food was amazing, company/sailing/stories....all made for the perfect get-a-way.

Will remember forever!

Thank you for being such wonderful tour guides and hosts on such a beautiful boat. it was a wonderful family trip that our family will remember forever. the snorkeling was amazing and the food was unbelievable - I may miss the food the most :) Thanks for the memories you helped me and my family have on a trip of a lifetime.

Indelible Memories!

the need to taste life is etched in our brains. It is on trips like these where the flavors come alive. We are all here to experience, to touch, to feel, to listen, to love. All of these sensations lead to feeling. We were all so lucky to feel and experience these these past 7 days - a paradise which has thankfully left indelible memories for the entire clan. We are grateful for your excellent guide services and stellar hospitality.

What an Epic Journey!

This was one of the best weeks of our entire life! From the magnificent food and insane feats that Elena pulled off meal after meal to the non-stop adventures Captain Brian engineered. We so appreciate all the love, laughter and adventure. Thank you for including us in one of the most magical moments of our lives.
Witnessing your engagement and New Years Eve was legendary! Thanks for becoming friends! We wish you nothing but love and adventure and we cannot wait to return for another epic trip on the Black Tortuga.
Happy Everything!

Friendly and Fun To Be Around

He is strong and healthy and very fit and an awesome Captain. I have watched him do amazing physically-demanding feats.... On top of all this, he is friendly, fun to be around, out-going, and has a well developed sense of humor. Brian has a real positive outlook on life and is always upbeat

Excellent with Guests

He was excellent with guests – helpful, friendly and fun; letting his natural personality shine through, but was always respectful and a professional Captain.

Everything we Expected and More

The experience offered in writing seemed too good to be true. In reality, the trip was everything we expected and more. My opinion is that Mr. Christiansen does excellent work under all conditions.
Elena shares her passion for the ocean, diving and fine cuisine. She is incredibly patient and lots of fun to be around.

Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture
Black Tortuga Sample Menu Picture